lunedì 2 giugno 2008

TH Inside Beyond the portrait

Alix Smith
Beyond the Portrait

Beyond the portrait

Jona Frank
Beyond the portrait
TH Inside Milan
November 2005

TH INSIDE will feature four American photographers:
Tanyth Berkeley, Jona Frank, Alix Smith and Alec Soth, in a group show titled “Beyond The Portrait, Young American Photography.”

Curated by Elena Bordignon, “Beyond The Portrait, Young American Photography” brings these four artists together in an exhibit designed to expose the individual: the presence beyond the stereotypical, the conformism, and the rhetorical. TH INSIDE’s exhibition thematically depicts the complex and
kaleidoscope-like society of young American life through a series of telling portraits of the youth generation. Each photographer has captured their subjects in their most vulnerable form, allowing onlookers an intimate look into the individuals’ reality. Through a complete appreciation of each portrait, onlookers can begin to understand the many similarities and differences characterizing American society.

In Tanyth Berkeley’s series, she presents the unusual beauty of diaphanous faces in order to convey diversity as a virtue to defend and protect. In Jona Frank’s collection, she portrays the hidden fragility within various stereotypical roles of youth. Alix Smith’s portraits reveal how theatrical and ephemeral characteristics are concealed behind everyday life while Alec Soth’s portraits anchor his roots and
confirm his heritage.